Catia and the Christmas Crèche

Children like to prepare the Christmas Crèche, and Catia is no exception. For a child, growing up also means being able to set up everything up with their own hands, place the figurines and build the scenery. One night, in our story, something magical happens and Catia finds herself within her own Manger, walking through the village and speaking with the statues she had so carefully placed as they come to life! Is it a dream, or magic? Let yourself be transported into this wonderful fantasy world and let your child discover it too!
This fairy tale is part of our multilingual section and today is also in available in American English, translated and narrated for the La Bottega delle Favole by Eva Moran.

The Italian audio version is narrated by the talented Maria Teresa Demoro, together with Christmas music, creating a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere for your child to enjoy!

Order today and together with your fairy tale we will send you your very own Bottega della Favole paper craft Manger, made with the characters of the tale. The Manger is also free for download HERE.

Eva Moran
Gino Carosini
Lingua favola: 
A partire da: 
5 anni
Durata (minuti): 



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